Director x Editor: kidindia

All of the shots were filmed and shot in Istanbul




This film is a collection of visuals and memories of a 2-week road trip journey through Spain in September 2017.  What inspired me to go to Morocco (my next video coming soon) was actually what I saw in Andalusia. Spain has a lot of layers - it’s a lot to take in. As an artist this is the perfect spot for inspiration and of course being surrounded by a lot of history that shaped the events of the world today from Picasso, Gaudi, the re-conquista, the alhambra, the Mezquita, Christopher colombe - its like your senses are always on fire knowing that people were innovating the arts and literature long before you came into this world.

Filmed by: Kidindia


Edit & Sounddesign by: Kidindia
Grading by: Kidindia

Thanks to:
Lia Macdonald, Aastha Sakhya, Victor Renko and the many people of Spain.

Filmed with Sony a7s2 and Mavic Pro

Aspara Calling
performed by CLOZEE
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