#1 you are a business that needs a cool video

We will first discuss what your business is and what your needs are. We can decide what aspects of your business should we focus on - should we focus on your customer experience? Your product? or both? and how awesome you are? I will come into your shop or your location of business and we will film for a few set hours and make you look cool in the editing process.


#2 You are getting married and want an awesome video to remember it

You’re getting married and we know its already a bit stressful. We will go over your itinerary and go over the most important parts of the wedding. We will start early and finish late at the reception and you will get your video within 2 weeks


#3 you are a company that wants to promote a product through me

No problem. Send me your product and I will use it, test it and see how it contends with other competitors. Perhaps you’ve got a real thing going and I could voice my opinion to help you get more viewers interesting in what you have. Sounds like fun to me.