My trip to Switzerland, Italy and France changed my life in so many ways. The friends I made, the things I've seen and the cities I've been to. I can't really describe this experience in words so I'm going to put up a bunch of videos sharing my experiences with you. I didn't have a real plan and I wasn't really prepared for this trip. All I knew was - I had to leave America to heal my depression. It was getting so bad that I knew I had to leave. I didn't have a great camera in Milano or Roma - but I did take more clips after those cities when I got a proper lens at Paradeplatz, Zurich. Everything and everyone I've met has changed my life in so many ways - I'm just grateful that I was alive to experience all of this. Of course, I'm preparing my next travel as well but this time I'll be more prepared. Stay tuned. 

I get a lot of messages from people who think that I'm traveling - but to me - this is my education. I was making a film in every new city that i went. I'd have to book tickets, schedule travel times, sleep right, eat right, edit on time, learn the location on how to shoot it best and I had to do it fast. Luckily, Swiss people are the kings of precision instruments, timing and details - that changed my life forever. When you really live on that edge - you're mentally very strong. There's no brand attached on me and borders don't apply to me - some people don't sit in Hollywood and think they have it all down - some ppl may want to share stories with Sicilian families in Lugano and talk about their culture and history. This makes us a real student of film and art and that's what I want for myself and everyone in this world.

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